Invited Lectures

The International Conference on Process Mining (ICPM) is the first conference devoted to the rapidly growing process mining discipline.  All thought leaders working on process mining will be present at ICPM 2019.  ICPM will both show the scientific and the applied side of process mining. Therefore, we are proud to have a very strong scientific program and many eminent industry speakers. The Industry Day (Tuesday) will feature a range of invited lectures, tool demos, and a panel on “the future of process mining”. These complement exciting scientific talks by the leading scientists in the field on Monday and Wednesday. The conference will start on Monday with an opening keynote by Wil van der Aalst (often called the “Godfather of Process Mining”). The conference is supported by the main vendors providing process-mining software. However, the conference is neutral and provides insights that are tool independent. This makes ICPM 2019 “the place to be” for anyone working on process mining.

Marc Kerremans (Gartner)

Process Mining in the Era of the Digital Twin of an Organization

Julian Lebherz (Deloitte)

Process Mining at Scale – the plea for a technical Process Mining reference model

Marc Gittler, Patrick Greifzu (DHL)

How to add Process Mining to the Auditors’ toolbox

Piergiorgio Grossi (Credem Banca)

Credem Digital Transformation with DTO and Process Mining

Carsten Schöne (Merck)

Entrepreneurial behavior in a DAX company. Can Process Mining be established bottom up only?

Dr. Michael Wiese (Ernst & Young)

Opportunities and challenges applying Process Mining in financial audits

Bart Prudon (Medtronic)

Process Mining at Medtronic – Our success formula to enable business value

David Whyte (Canadian Financial Services)

Practical implementation of Process Mining at Large North American Financial Services enterprises

Gia-Thi Nguyen (Siemens)

Unlocking Digital Transformation – the Human Touch

Sudhendu Rai (AIG Investments)

Process Wind Tunnel for Improving Business Processes

Keynote scientific track

Wil van der Aalst (RWTH Aachen University)

20 Years of Process Mining Research – Accomplishments, Challenges, and Open Problems