Julian Lebherz (Deloitte)

Co-Founder and Lead Data Scientist | Deloitte Center of Process Bionics


Process Mining at Scale – the plea for a technical Process Mining reference model


As Co-Founder and Lead Data Scientist of Deloitte’s Center of Process Bionics, Julian is heading one of the largest professional service teams dedicated to Process Mining and related disciplines. Over the past seven years, he was key to some of the largest global Process Mining projects, qualifying him as one of the leading experts in the field. Joining functional process knowledge with extensive technical hands-on process mining experience, Julian connects technology to tangible impact. Being the architect of Deloitte’s modular Process Mining Framework, he paved the way to build a strong foundation for a growing number of practitioners in corporations around the globe.  Before joining Deloitte, Julian was a key driver for process mining adoption at Siemens.