Call for Submissions to the ICPM Industry Day

If you are interested in delivering a talk as part of the Industry Day, please submit a proposal of up to two pages long. We seek to receive contributions from industrial practitioners within end-user organizations. If a proposal has multiple authors, each team must include at least one such practitioner.

Proposals should describe the following:

  • The organizational context
  • The business challenges that were faced
  • The solution adopted
  • The process mining techniques that were employed (automated discovery, performance mining, conformance checking, variant analysis, predictive/prescriptive monitoring etc.)
  • The software tools used
  • The results – it is important to show concrete process mining results, i.e., process models, bottlenecks, compliance problems, etc. (these may of course be anonymized or changed to hide sensitive information)
  • The benefits and lessons learned – preferably, these benefits should be quantified in terms of client or organizational value, rather than being referred to in generic statements (e.g. rather “helped to reduce errors in process X with 25%” than “helped to streamline process X”)

Note that the focus of the proposal should be put on the description of practical experiences as well as lessons learned from an end-user viewpoint. A proposal should not be used as an opportunity to promote any software tools. The presenter may mention the tool used and show screenshots if required, but that should be intended as a means to aid the illustration of the application case, rather than as an expedient to promote a specific tool, let alone to compare it with other tools.

Please submit your proposal in PDF to the Industry Chairs, Raffael Accorsi and Hajo Reijers, via using the subject [ICPM Industry Day].

Evaluation Criteria

Each proposal will be evaluated according to the interest and relevance of the problem/use case being presented, the ease of transferring the solution adopted to similar contexts or scenarios, and clarity of the presentation. Contributors may be invited to provide more information about their proposal for a talk via an online video call.

Key Dates

Deadline for submissionsMay 12, 2021
Notification of acceptanceJune 16, 2021
Industry DayNovember 3, 2021

Industry Chairs

Hajo Reijers
Utrecht University
The Netherlands
Rafael Accorsi