XES 2.0 Workshop

Although the popularity and adoption of process mining techniques grew rapidly in recent years, a large portion of effort invested in process mining initiatives is still consumed by event data preparation rather than process analysis. The Task Force on Process Mining conducted a study focused on the challenges faced during event data preparation (from source data to event log).

The XES 2.0 workshop shares the results of this survey and will help guide the evolution of the current XES standard towards XES 2.0. Read more

Call for ICPM Demo Track Extended Abstracts

The ICPM 2021 Demo Track is intended to showcase innovative Process Mining (PM) tools and applications that may originate either from research initiatives or from industry. The Demo Track will provide an opportunity to present and discuss emerging technologies with researchers and practitioners in the PM field.

To be included in the Demo Track, tools will be evaluated on the basis of relevance to the PM community as well as on novelty and innovativeness. Previously demonstrated tools are also welcome if there is clear evidence of the value added to the previous version of the tool, such as new tool features and/or its adaptation and use for new practical applications. Read more

Call for Contributions to the Doctoral Consortium

PhD students working in the area of Process Mining are invited to submit their proposals for participation in a Doctoral Consortium, which will be held on Sunday, October 31, 2021, in conjunction with the 3rd International Conference on Process Mining (ICPM 2021) in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

The Doctoral Consortium has the following objectives:

  • to provide valuable feedback on students’ research topics, directions, methods and plans;
  • to help students pitch their research ideas to peers in the research community;
  • to promote the development of a community of scholars that will help students in their future careers;
  • to introduce new scholars to the process mining research community and provide opportunities to meet and interact with experienced researchers.
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Call for Discovery Algorithms for PDC 2021

PDC 2021 is the 2021 edition of the Process Discovery Contest.

Do you believe you have implemented a good discovery algorithm? Then submit it to the PDC 2021 to put it to the test!

This test contains 480 event logs, for which a model needs to be discovered (training logs), and 96 event logs that need to be classified using the discovered models (test logs).

The 96 test logs are all generated from the same configurable model, which was inspired by a model discovered from a real-life event log and has the following configurable options:

  • Long-term dependencies: yes/no
  • Loops: no/simple/complex
    • A simple loop has a single point of entry and a single point of exit.
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Call for Best Process Mining PhD Dissertation Award 2021

The IEEE Task Force for Process Mining is happy to announce the 2021 edition of the Best Process Mining PhD Dissertation Award.

The award will be delivered during the 3rd International Conference on Process Mining (ICPM 2021).


Eligible candidates are those who officially obtained a PhD degree defended in 2019 or 2020, with a dissertation focused on process mining. Those who applied for the 2020 edition of the prize, can reapply for the 2021 edition as well.

We welcome theses that contributed to advance the state of the art in the foundations, engineering, and on-field application of process mining techniques. Read more

Call for Submissions to the ICPM Industry Day

If you are interested in delivering a talk as part of the Industry Day, please submit a proposal of up to two pages long. We seek to receive contributions from industrial practitioners within end-user organizations. If a proposal has multiple authors, each team must include at least one such practitioner.

Proposals should describe the following:

  • The organizational context
  • The business challenges that were faced
  • The solution adopted
  • The process mining techniques that were employed (automated discovery, performance mining, conformance checking, variant analysis, predictive/prescriptive monitoring etc.)
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Call for Research Papers

The International Conference on Process Mining (ICPM) is the premium forum for researchers, practitioners and developers in process mining. The objective is to explore and exchange knowledge in this field through scientific talks, industry discussions, contests, technical tutorials and panels. The conference covers all aspects of process mining research and practice, including theory, algorithmic challenges, applications and connections with other fields.

The conference is technically co-sponsored by the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, and supported by the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining.

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2nd International Workshop on Trust, Privacy and Security Aspects in Process Analytics (TPSA)

by Felix Mannhardt, Agnes Koschmider, Nathalie Baracaldo

Trust, privacy, and security have been largely neglected when considering the design and application of Process Mining. The TPSA workshop investigates this from two perspectives: (A) Responsible application of Process Mining including trust that the methods and their results are not misused. (B) Investigating privacy and security aspects of information systems by using Process Mining methods. Our objective is to give a forum for trust, privacy, and security aspects of Process Mining including concerns such as fairness, transparency, and accuracy.
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2nd International Workshop on Event Data and Behavioral Analytics (EdbA)

by Benoît Depaire, Dirk Fahland, Francesco Leotta, Arik Senderovich

EdbA’21 calls for original work on the development of new (or novel applications of existing) techniques, algorithms and data structures for recording, storing, managing, processing, analyzing, and visualizing event data with the purpose of analyzing behavior of all kinds. Event data recorded at various sources, in various forms and at different granularity levels are considered, ranging from frequent sensor-based events in IoT settings to recordings of aggregate or long-running behavior involving time intervals and rich information.
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2nd International Workshop on Streaming Analytics for Process Mining (SA4PM)

by Marwan Hassani, Andrea Burattin, Thomas Seidl, Sebastiaan van Zelst

SA4PM workshop aims at promoting the use and development of new techniques to support streaming-based process analysis. It brings together practitioners and researchers from different communities: Process Mining, Stream Data Mining (mining time series, evolving graphs and scalable large data mining), Business Process Management, Database Systems and Information Systems with interest in online analysis and optimization of process-aware information systems with time, storage or complexity restrictions. Results of ongoing research, practical experiences and ideas for future research directions are welcome.
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4th International Workshop on Process-Oriented Data Science for Healthcare (PODS4H)

by Carlos Fernandez-Llatas, Niels Martin, Owen Johnson, Marcos Sepúlveda, Emmanuel Helm

The 4th International Workshop on Process-Oriented Data Science for Healthcare 2021 (PODS4H 2021) aims to provide a high-quality forum for interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners (both in medicine and data/process science) to exchange research findings and ideas on data-driven healthcare process analysis techniques and practices. PODS4H research includes a wide range of topics from process mining techniques adapted for health care pathways, to practical issues related to the implementation of PODS methodologies in healthcare organizations.
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6th International Workshop on Process Querying, Manipulation, and Intelligence (PQMI)

by Artem Polyvyanyy, Claudio Di Ciccio, Sebastian Sardina, Renuka Sindhgatta, Arthur ter Hofstede

The Sixth International Workshop on Process Querying, Manipulation, and Intelligence (PQMI 2021) aims to provide a high-quality forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange research findings and ideas on methods and practices in the intersection of Process Mining and the research areas of Process Querying and Manipulation and Artificial Intelligence. Examples of problems tackled by the workshop themes include process compliance, process repair, process enhancement, and the use of AI techniques to improve process mining algorithms and architectures.
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2nd International Workshop on Leveraging Machine Learning in Process Mining (ML4PM)

by Paolo Ceravolo, Sylvio Barbon Jr., Annalisa Appice

The interest in combining Machine Learning and Process Mining has seen increasing growth in the last few years along with the relevance of the ICPM conference. Thus, this workshop offers a focused environment to discuss new approaches, applications and their results to a wide audience, composed of researchers and practitioners. ML4PM will be held in Eindhoven, in conjunction with the ICPM conference.
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