Workfellow – the bridge between technology and human work

Workfellow is a Real-Time Work Intelligence Platform utilizing mining techniques, automatically analyzing knowledge work operations, and identifying inefficiencies in systems, processes, tools, and work practices. With only a plug-in, it recommends the best actions and solutions based on the reality of work, ensuring that business operations are optimized all the time.

Workfellow’s customers are digitizing, automating, and optimizing their business operations continuously – making their companies data-driven with prescriptive analytics and insights created automatically – in no time.

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At Noreja we rethink process mining and place the business objects along the process at the center of attention. Therefore, we focus on target- and user-oriented visualizations which provide direct implications for action. A new way to conduct data integration combines domain knowledge of process experts with process data – An approach we call Causal Process Mining. Our software solution enables companies to leverage existing data from e.g., ERP, SCM, CRM, PLM or BPMS in order to transfer Business Process Management from subjective and time-consuming to data-driven and automated. Read more