At Noreja we rethink process mining and place the business objects along the process at the center of attention. Therefore, we focus on target- and user-oriented visualizations which provide direct implications for action. A new way to conduct data integration combines domain knowledge of process experts with process data – An approach we call Causal Process Mining. Our software solution enables companies to leverage existing data from e.g., ERP, SCM, CRM, PLM or BPMS in order to transfer Business Process Management from subjective and time-consuming to data-driven and automated. Our solution differentiates itself from other offerings because it is tailored to avoid spaghetti-like diagrams. Instead, the focus is on the causal relationships between events and actionable insights that provide opportunities for process optimization. To this end, we provide a  procedure for analysts to identify anomalies and optimization potential – without the need to understand process modeling notations or process mining specialties. We also support management with business critical Process Performance Indicators and decision-supporting visualizations.


Jan Mendling