ICPM Rooms

KolpingHaus Bozen

Some of the workshops are held at the Kolpinghaus. The three rooms used for ICPM workshops (main room, Josef, Raiffeisen) are clearly indicated as you enter the building.

Main venue – main Unibz building

Follow the signs to reach the correct area (A, C, D, E, F).

The room code specified in the program indicates the area, the floor and the room number: for instance, D1.01 is in area D, first floor (“D1.01” will be written on the room’s door). The Aula Magna is at the ground floor; F6 is in area F, 6th floor.

Each area has its own set of lifts/stairs, and it’s not always possible to move between areas on every floor, so first reach the right area, then use the lifts.

Map of the areas
Ground floor (Aula Magna)
First floor (D1.01 and C1.01)
Third floor (E3.20 and E3.11)
How to reach F6