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Below you can find a map where the main points are highlighted: the airport, the city center main stop and DTU’s main bus stop. To travel between the airport and the city center there is a single metro line. To travel between the city center and DTU the easiest way is using the bus line 150S (which runs every 10 minutes in both directions).

DTUDTU bus stop(Rævehøjvej, DTU)City center(Nørreport Station)AirportBus line 150S(every 10 minutes)Metro line M2

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How to get to Copenhagen City Center from Copenhagen Airport
Take the Metro Line M2 destination Vanløse to Nørreport Station. We encourage you to travel on public transportation to lower your carbon footprint.

How to get to DTU from Copenhagen City Center
From the area around Kongens Nytorv: Take the Metro or walk to Nørreport Station and take either bus line 150S destination Kokkedal St., departing from above ground. Get off at Rævehøjvej, DTU, and walk to the Campus.

From the area around Copenhagen City Hall and Copenhagen Central Station (Vesterbro): Walk to Copenhagen Central Station and take the S-train line A destination Hillerød St., get off at Lyngby Station and change to bus line 40E destination Rævehøjvej, DTU, get off at the terminus and walk to the Campus.

Walking direction from bus stop Rævehøjvej, DTU to building 116 (6 minutes):

DTU bus stop(Rævehøjvej, DTU)Conference location(Building 116)About 6 minutes walking

Google Maps directions:

Tickets and fares
Rejsekort (Travel Card) is a prepaid card for taking public transportations in Denmark. You can obtain an anonymous card in convenient stores or at Rejsekort machines. We suggest you buy your Rejsekort at the airport, since you might find Rejsekort machines outside airport running out of new anonymous cards prepared to be purchased very often. When hopping on or off a ride (e.g., Entering or Leaving Metro), please remember to check yourself in or out accordingly. Remember to look at how much credit you’ve left on the card when checking out. If the credit on the card is less than 60 DKK, you may find yourself unable to check-in on the next ride. To recharge your card, visit the Rejeskort machine or Convenient store near you. See:

If you prefer to buy single tickets (which are more expensive that a Rejsekort), you can also use the DOT app:

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Planning your journey
Rejseplanen (Journey Planner) is a service you can reach through the web or app to search for the best combination of public transportation from where you are to where you would like to go in Denmark:

Google Maps has also very detailed and reliable information:

Many drivers accept credit card payment. However, we suggest you ask the driver before hopping on. There might be a chance of encountering drivers that only accept MobilePay (A Danish mobile payment system) or cash. Taxi companies:

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After registration, hotels offers are presented.

At walking distance from DTU there is Zleep Hotel Lyngby.

If you prefer to stay downtown Copenhagen, we recommend that you choose an hotel which is convenient to the bus line 150S (the line that takes you directly to DTU). The bus departs from Nørreport Station (downtown Copenhagen) and goes north from there.