Dr. Michael Wiese (Ernst & Young)

GSA Assurance Research and Development Leader | Ernst & Young GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft


Opportunities and challenges applying Process Mining in financial audits


Dr. Michael Wiese is responsible partner for research and development for EYs Assurance Business in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. His interdisciplinary team focusses on enabling emerging technologies in the audit of financial statements, such as data analytics, artificial intelligence and process mining. Michael joined EY in 2006 after his studies in management science, taxation, law and auditing. As certified public auditor, Michael has strong expertise in auditing clients from different industries and sizes following diverse legal and financial frameworks. His PhD research studies focussed on the concept of a data driven audit that became part of EYs Digital Audit. Michael is lecturer for Auditing, Business Valuation and Management at University of Essen to enable the transfer between theory and practice.